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Efficient management of assets is one of the major factors that industry across any verticals faces time and again. Faulty assets directly impact the production which eventually boils down to spending more to mitigate crisis. On the flip side, industries that focus on management of asset on a timely basis do save time from possible downtime.

Prior to Industry 4.0 [IIOT] the process of asset management was somewhat manual as it need human intervention or rely on 3rd party vendors for the units to run without failure. However, the coming of intelligent IoT, sensors and other associated devices that can collect data has now bought relief when it comes to managing assets. Industry such as Oil & Gas where ageing equipment requires constant monitoring of pipelines at remote location now comes under the scanner of constant inspection simply for the new digital disruption. Engineers now rely on hi-class analytic model to determine the lifespan of connected units and the predictive analytics enable engineers to take pre-emptive measures before any unforeseen anomaly.

An asset of an industry can either be human resource or physical component, and both these factors need equal priority to run production process in a seamless manner. Therefore, the enterprise asset management system that we offer has covered the following core modules to implement an efficient system:

  • Work management
  • Asset management
  • Supply-chain management
  • Health & safety

Aligned with ISO 55000 the enterprise asset management platform can be customized across different industries. Intuitive GUI, objective modeling for the analytic, its availability on web and mobile will prove easy for end-users to derive precise computational result.

The hardware [IoT sensors or other associated devices] that we are going to offer shall be robust and efficient to capture data constantly from disparate sources.

Overall with our asset management platform industries can now be able to:

  • Gather, group and analyse all assets within an industry.
  • Define useful insight of assets by studying historical data.
  • Curb maintenance cost and improvement of operations through constant surveillance and predictive model.
  • Increase life of assets

Enterprise Asset Management [EAM] with predictive model has become ubiquitous for companies in order to scale up production and finance and reduce maintenance cost. A recent research indicates by 2024 EAM market shall be worth $8.2 billion.

We, Data Analytec as EAM solution provider therefore offer intelligent management system with hardware at a competitive rate so that it can be accepted as a standard practice for the industry as a whole.

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